Disgusting Bacteria Riddled Billboard Is A Huge Success












Warner Brothers have come up with a brilliant way of promoting their latest movie release in Canada by creating the world’s first living breathing billboard made entirely of bacteria. The billboard was created in an abandoned shop window and was to promote the launch of the latest Steven Soderbergh movie Contagion. A group of scientists created the billboard in advance by using a mixture of bacteria that they had tested and knew would grow perfectly within the 2 weeks that the billboard was in position. Passers by reacted with a mixture of disgust (exactly what the studio would have wanted) and amusement with many stopping to have their picture taken and share the billboard with friends online. Billboards seem to be getting more creative by the day but this one takes things to a whole new level. We just hope that they disposed of it correctly and that it is not still there growing as we speak!

Source: Simplyzesty.com

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