Is this the best Facebook campaign for the coolest job in the world?




















If you’re going to advertise a job or position as the best, greatest or coolest, you want to make sure that both the job and campaign live up to the hype. Queensland did it in 2009 for their caretaker position on Tropical Island which was a massive success in promoting tourism in Australia. Now Miller are doing the same but on a smaller scale with what they call ‘The Coolest Job.’ Having launched the Miller High Life beer in India and to publicize their brand, Miller are looking for ”qualified individuals” to promote the beer. The lucky person who is selected will be paid Rs 100,000 (€1,532 or $2,184 ) per month to travel to different clubs in India to drink, dance and promote the brand. meet up with a number of celebrities at the more high profile clubs. While they keep their main job during the day, at night they will be throwing parties at a number of different venues and meet up with a number of celebrities while promoting the Miller slogan – ‘Work Hard, Party Hard.’ The competition is targeted towards those within the 25 – 35 age bracket and those who wish to enter must fill in a profile about themselves, saying why they deserve the job and having the option to express themselves in a video, as well as linking their application to their other social media profiles. The competition has generated a lot of hype in India through a number of methods and strategies used throughout the campaign. For example, Miller launched the competition but didn’t reveal the brand for over a month which created a lot of buzz and talk as to who was behind the competition. The Facebook application was created in such as way that to prove your social credentials, you had to invite friends to like the page before proceeding further which only added to the numbers of people liking the campaign. Finally gamification was added to the campaign by getting users to compete missions to advance further into the competition. A spokesperson for the brand told media site, Best Media Info, the principles behind the campaign: A collaborative effort between the creative partners and us led to this idea that is based on four key principles…A) To be disruptive yet relevant, in a category where most brand launches are usually formulaic. B) To reach out to people who genuinely connect with the brand’s philosophy, even without the brand reveal. C) Unlike other platforms on social networks where people follow brands than the ethos. D) To make the brand promise experiential than simply limiting it to clever advertising. Over 91,500 people have liked the page so far with over 30,000 people having applied for the position. The competition is open until September 15th and more details can be found on the appropriately named site,


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