Taiwan Create Inventive Safe Sex Campaign Through Fortune-Telling

Tying a product into a country’s culture fabric in both a creative and cost effective manner takes some doing yet the people at OgilvyAction Agency in Taiwan did just that for Durex.

The company needed a new way to increase their condom sales but due to the cultural stigmas and taboos associated with sex in the country, getting promoters to hand out samples on the streets was ineffective. So the company had to find a new way to distribute them and increase sales.

Noticing that fortune-telling was a popular aspect of Taiwanese culture and how it’s traditionally used to discover a person’s fate in wealth, health and love, Durex decided to use this knowledge to their advantage. So they decided to create an unbranded fortune-telling machine called ‘Xerud’ and place it in bars, karaoke bars and nightclubs around Taiwan where the company’s target audience would regularly frequent.

Under the pretext of giving out predictions relating to relationships and their sexual life, ‘Xerud’ also gave out relevant sample condoms based on the prediction as well as educational tips as to how you could practice safe sex.

Alongside the fortune telling machine, Durex ran online and print adverts, TV commercials, online predictions, a Facebook page and in-store POSM (Point Of Sale Materials).

It turned out that on average; a street promoter handed out 23 samples an hour while ‘Xerud’ handed out 77 samples an hour. Accompanying that was a four per cent increase while before, the category sales volume was in negative growth with minus five per cent. The Durex market share also reached an historical high in February. The company claim that the campaign softened inhibitions and started meaningful conversations because of it.

The campaign was clearly successful and did everything that was required of it, it was cost efficient, topical, and an original way of bringing the product directly to those people who wanted and needed it.

Source: Simplyzesty.com

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