Twitter Buzz: How Do You Like Windows 8 So Far? [CHART]

What do users of the latest Windows 8 beta think of the nascent operating system upgrade? A good way to find out is through Twitter — by investigating patterns in thousands of comments and opinions. That’s exactly what social media listening firm Mashwork did, resulting in this chart of data, taking the early pulse of opinions about Windows 8 from Twitter users between June 15 and Sept. 22 of this year. The most surprising result in this survey of 65,968 tweets is that the most highly anticipated feature of Windows 8 is its unusually short boot time. Microsoft says Windows 8 cuts the boot time of Windows 7 nearly in half. (Check out the video on this page, where a Microsoft techie shows a laptop booting Windows 8 in about 6 seconds.) As the chart says, this early buzz consists of the opinions of early adopters and developers. But will the general public be as impressed with those quick boot times? We asked Mashworks founder Jared Feldman what he thinks. “In an era when getting your information as quickly as possible is king, the improved boot time will absolutely be appreciated by the general public, but the biggest talking point I’m sure will be the new user interface,” he says. “The public typically cares less about technical points and responds most immediately to aesthetic changes.” Take a look at the buzz, and then in the comments, please add your initial reactions to Windows 8. Is its short boot time the most exciting feature?

Source: Mashable

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