Apple: Huge Stats!

As the world’s tech media waited for news about the new iPhone on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the opportunity of a captive audience to deliver a long list of favorable Apple stats.

Here’s the rundown of the numbers he revealed during his long windup:





    • Apple has six stores in China, bringing Apple’s total to 357 stores in 11 countries.
    • More than 6 million copies of Lion have been downloaded since it launched in July. This is 80% more downloads than Snow Leopard.
    • Macbook pro and iMac are the best selling noteboook and desktop in the U.S.
    • There are 60 million Mac users around the world. Apple has sold 45 million iPods so far this year (ending in June).
    • iPod marketshare in the U.S. is above 70%.
    • iTunes users have downloaded more than 16 billion songs.
    • iPhone has 5% of the Worldwide Mobile Phone market.
    • More than half of all iPhones that have been sold were iPhone 4s.
    • Apple has sold more than 250 million iOS devices.
    • There are 500,000 apps in the app store, 140,000 of them are iPad apps.
    • 1 billion apps are downloaded every month.18 billion apps have been download in the past three years.
    • Apple has paid $3 billion to developers (while keeping 30% of revenue on their apps).

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