Holy Cow Batman! It’s A QR Code!

Imagine you are a farmer living in rural France. You want to sell your produce direct to the public but because you are in an area of outstanding natural beauty advertising signs and poster boards are forbidden. Also you have a very limited budget for marketing, so what can you do? To Gildas Le Béhoc and a technology minded friend the answer was obvious – put QR Codes on the cows! (Video above) As if that wasn’t enough, to ensure the story became truly viral they added to this bizarre combination of cows and QR Codes a conventional game. The QR Codes resolve to a scratch game with nine boxes and if you reveal three cows you win some free dairy products from the farm. Félicitations Monsieur Le Béhoc!

About Abdul Rahman Alieh

I use this space to share interesting videos and snippets from articles and books I come across. I hope you find this blog interesting. Can't wait to read your comments! Abdul Rahman

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