Riverboat Cruise along Madu River

It was a bright sunny day in May when my wife and I decided to go out on a riverboat cruise on Madu River.

It was our honeymoon and we were eager to explore the natural wonders of the Sri Lankan wetland. So we left the hotel and were guided to a small dock by the side of the river. We were greeted warmly and someone ushered us to where the boats floated peacefully by the river bank. The little engine came to life and we began our journey.

I’ll leave you with these pictures taken from there.

The river dock where we kicked off our riverboat cruise

Madu River Guardian- The Eagle

Two Kingfishers chillin’ by the river side

The smallest islet on Madu river is called “Satha Paha Doowa” (which translates to 5 cents).A tiny shrine stands there in respect of the gods of Kataragama. According to folklore this islet had been purchased for five cents but some say the name has derived due to its shape of the five cent coin).

These scaffoldings are built on the way in preparation to celebrate Buddha’s birth, death and rising. On festival day, pictures and statues of Buddha are laid out there

Bread fruit. These fruit are usually mixed with coconut and used in cooking

Foot Massage!

Entering through a mangrove cave

Mangrove Cave

We came across a bunch of Purple-Faced Leaf monkeys. Not easy to take a picture of these rascals. They kept on jumping all over the place

Finally a clear shot!

Water monitor. These water lizards can grow up to more than 3 meters long

Sri Lanka is just wonderful. The natural scenery is breathtaking and the locals are very hospitable and friendly. Just beware of mosquitos !

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I use this space to share interesting videos and snippets from articles and books I come across. I hope you find this blog interesting. Can't wait to read your comments! Abdul Rahman

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