Somebody call Guinness, I think we’ve got a record here!

The world has surely witnessed a bunch of strange records.  Some of which are so unimaginable as to almost seem out of this world. Others are funny, and yet others are just plain weird.

Below is my favorite list.

  • Steve Jacobs put on 266 pairs of underpants setting a new world record.
  • Michael Kopp spun a basketball on a toothbrush held between his teeth for just over 26 seconds.
  • Joe Alexander in just one minute, caught 15 marshmallows using chopsticks from a distance of 2 meters.
  • Kevin Shelley broke 46 wooden toilet seats broken in a minute with the head.
  • Smokey the cat, purred a 67.7 dB across the countryside of Pitsford, UK on 25 March 2011.
  •  Jin Songhao spent 46 minutes and 7 seconds in direct full body contact with snow in January 2011.
  • She Ping, the beekeeper covered his body with 331,000 bees (or 73 pounds) in April 2012.

Meanwhile in Beirut, the Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam is setting a New World Record for the world’s longest wait for a government. Recorded time… 235 days and counting


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I use this space to share interesting videos and snippets from articles and books I come across. I hope you find this blog interesting. Can't wait to read your comments! Abdul Rahman

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