The First Original ‘Art Renting Program’ in Qatar

Art evolves gracefully as people change their perspectives, attitudes and behaviors. If you see a painting and remember feeling a particular emotion at a certain point of your life, you’ll most certainly feel different about it years later. It will change with the change of you. That much is true. There’s now a reason to still enjoy all the riches offered by art without having to wait that long!

Patrick Rozario, an internationally-acclaimed artist, has hosted a number of galleries and exhibitions in Qatar and Malaysia, his home country. His most notable works include ‘Five Expressions’ art exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, ‘Cloud Dance Over Qatar’in Doha and Trash to Treasure Art Project for The Pearl-Qatar. He has also created a distinctive line of art he calls “Pearlappetite”, a collection of works depicting a unique amalgamation of pearls, Swarovski crystals, and semi precious stones on ceramic or glass. Pearlappetite art has been described by his reviewers and art collectors as ‘whimsical’, ‘alive’, Zen-like’, and ‘mesmerizing’. His passion for pearls and the celebration of colors one sees in his art, reflect the depth and character of his adventures and journeys around the world. His art expresses the rich cultures he came to know face to face during his travels.


Using plates as a metaphorical canvas, Rozario has created a series of works aptly named ‘Pearlappetite’

Patric has recently decided to offer art lovers an ‘Art Renting Program’ where one can enjoy having Patric’s paintings on their wall for a very small fraction of the cost. Design-conscious people and companies can now enjoy Patric Rozario’s high-quality art in their homes and offices by choosing to rent from his wide range of paintings. Every three months, Patric will replace the paintings with newer ones. So in a year’s time, they would have had 4 different paintings adorning their living or working spaces. After six month, they can decide to return, swap, purchase or simply keep renting.

Patric aims to kick-off a trend by allowing companies or individuals to showcase original art through renting. It’s ideal for offices looking to keep their internal décor fresh without having to make a large upfront investment. This arrangement will surely turn out to be a favorite among interior designers, event organizers and design-conscious individuals looking to add sophistication to their projects or make their working or living space feel warm and inviting.

In a world where one’s uniqueness and differentiation is a ‘competitive advantage’, many companies are taking the opportunity to revamp their image and reassure clients and employees ‘hey, we are classy!’ There’s no doubt that fine art can inevitably play a huge role in this aesthetic upgrade. The variety in styles offered by Patric’s art makes it easy for companies to showcase their own novel identity and set themselves apart from the competition.

You can make this refreshing change possible by reaching out directly to Patric Rozario at

We all need a change of scenery every now and again.

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