Find it

One night I had a dream that I was trapped inside a huge mall! In the dream, I had a long shopping list and my mission was to find the best deals and choose the right items that fit my budget. Weird, right? The dream came to me after spending a whole weekend in boutiques and shopping stalls at a mall haggling for the biggest bargain . When I opened my eyes the following day and shook the cobwebs out of my head, the dream came flooding back to me. I thought of the time and effort people around the world spend everyday looking for specific items in all kinds of markets. Some items are not offered online and must be therefore purchased from local stores. That’s when I thought of the below concept and had it registered as a copyright.

The Concept

Find it (Qatar Copyright Registration No. 4817) is an innovative marketing solution specifically designed to enrich the overall shopping experience of people in any kind of market. That market could be physical such as a mall, shopping complex, sooq -or any other place that hosts a big number of shops- or virtual by granting online users an easy access to all kinds of directories, online suppliers and online bookings. Find it seals the gap between the supply and demand of many market services. It magnifies the buyers exposure to all products, offers (latest discounts, bank offers on special items, etc…) and consequently opens the gate to suppliers by giving them access to a wide broad range of potential clients. Suppliers refer to all businesses interested in such service –such as but not limited to- restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, car rentals, real estate agents, grocery stores, clinics, the list goes on…

What sets Find it apart from the rest of online shopping solutions?

Find it gives people the opportunity to scan the market place efficiently and effectively, thus reducing unnecessary shopping time and increasing their familiarity with most of the services offered.  Find it integrates most of the services provided by a market place and automatically displays them for people to browse in the most user-friendly manner and as conveniently as possible. What also sets Find it apart is that it uses several media in parallel, such as Find it interactive panel.

Please contact me to learn more about this concept or better yet, work with me to develop it further and hopefully launch it together in Qatar where I am currently located. I am aware it might require a big investment particularly in IT and operations… but this is what makes it interesting and gives it the potential to be the most reliable shopping partner ever!

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