Marketing Career

I’ve been a marketing guy ever since I got my first crayons when I was 8 years old. I used to spend my allowance money on a chocolate box then try to sell it by designing an advertising poster which I would then stick on the living room wall for my family and neighbors to see. Over time, this became my passion.

My actual experience has taught me that my professional value boils down to the following:

– Creating the product positioning, messaging & branding necessary to capture a target markets attention & successfully go-to-market.
– Creating sales & marketing collateral; white papers, data sheets, case studies, sales presentations, power points, brochures, trade-show materials, e-mail templates, webinars, & more.
– Proven ability to collaborate across departments to successfully bring products to market.
– Proven ability to work in complex, fast paced environments without sacrificing ability to multi-task & pay attention to detail.
– Passion for keeping up with emerging technology & the latest traditional/digital marketing trends.

Most recently, I have established a digital marketing company in Beirut- Lebanon, that aims to cultivate interactive social experiences across all brand’s touchpoints.

Please feel free to connect if you’re passionate about social media and digital marketing, and believe that you can help me in my quest to become a true game-changer in Lebanon’s digital landscape!

Get in touch at or call on +96176020274.

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