Google Create Never-Ending 3D Spiral Bookshelf For Chrome

As part of its web experiments for Chrome, Google’s Data Arts Team in San Francisco have created a never ending spiral book case for Google Books. The Bookshelf features over 10,000 books from Google Books’ vast collection, all of which are presented on a 3D spiral bookshelf.

After sorting through the books either through browsing or selecting a genre, you can open a model of each book to get a summary of it before purchasing it online. You can either download them directly or onto your smartphone by scanning the QR code present.

Chrome Experiments was created to showcase web programs created through HTML5, Canvas, SVG and WebGL. To launch Google Bookcase, your browser must support WebGL.

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I use this space to share interesting videos and snippets from articles and books I come across. I hope you find this blog interesting. Can't wait to read your comments! Abdul Rahman

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